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Meeting Times

Meetings will all be during the regular Friday times

Anchor Boys:  6.40pm – 7.20pm

Junior Section:  7.20pm – 8.00pm

Company & Senior Lads:  8.00pm – 9.30pm

Can all lads please wear your BB Polo Shirts for the meeting

Zoom Rules

1: No swearing in inappropriate language
2. You  must listen to the leaders and follow instructions at all times
3. Be considerate and courteous of others when they are speaking and try not to interrupt
4. When logging into the chat please use your name (so we can identify you)
5. Lads should wear their BB Polo Shirt during zoom meetings  or be otherwise appropriately dressed
6. Have fun and enjoy the BB ZOOM meeting


Due to the current situation with the Covid-19 outbreak, we will only be able to meet virtually for the foreseeable future.  It is essential that we keep all of our staff, children and parents safe from the virus. ‘Virtual Sessions’ will replace face to face meetings of all sections of 3rd Basingstoke Boys’ Brigade. 

We hope that our virtual sessions using ZOOM will enable staff, boys and parents to stay in contact and enjoy meeting together until the situation improves and it is safe for us to meet together in person once again.

3rd Basingstoke Boys’ Brigade has already run a successful virtual camp this year and we are now extending this to all sections of our company.

Instructions on how to take part are here.

Instructions on taking part in virtual sessions

In order to take part in our virtual sessions using ZOOM you will need a device capable of running the software or Zoom app.  You will need a device that can send video (if possible) and have a microphone so that your child can speak and be seen by others in the virtual meeting.

You will not need to register with Zoom or make any payments for joining the meeting.

At the start of the Zoom meeting you will be able to click the ‘JOIN ZOOM NOW’ button and it will either open the zoom app on your device or prompt you to allow Zoom to run on your device you must then follow the instructions to join the meeting. You can also join the meeting here. 

On successfully joining you will find yourself in the ‘waiting area’ where you will need to wait for one of the leaders to allow you to join the meeting.  This will enable our meetings to stay safe and secure and prevent any unthourised persons from gaining access to the meetings.

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The object of the Boys Brigade is: "The advancement of Christ's kingdom among boys and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect, and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness"

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